As designers, we know how every detail matters in your project. When laser cutting for clients, we focus on creating quality work. We use extremely precise industry leading laser cutters, and have tons of experience creating laser cutting and engraving work for NOLA’s creative community.

We spend an enormous amount of time prototyping stuff; handmade sketches, technical drawings, 3D computer generated models… but in the end there is nothing like building a physical, working prototype of your idea.

There are some on-line and off-line services that can help you out building your laser cutting project. However the problem we’ve found with these companies is that they treat you as just another job, keeping all the process very cold, avoiding almost any back and forth in discussing the best way to proceed, which material to use, assembly options after the pieces are cut, matching a cut file with a pre-printed material… that’s just too much trouble for them, not worth the time.

If you have a very clear idea of what you want, perfect drawings, want to use a very standard materials and need nothing out of the ordinary, then there are some options out there, but if that’s not the case you might find yourself not knowing where to go.

We’ve found this situation very frustrating, up until the point when we decided to buy our own laser cutting machine. Now we have all the freedom we want to test new ideas, try different materials, combine them, get it wrong, and start again… And we want to offer at least a bit of this to all of you who are now in the same situation we were some time ago, looking to kick off what might be a brilliant product idea but finding nothing but walls on your way.

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