Wood Engraving

Using a laser cutter for wood engraving is one of the best options for most types of engraving. Their very high levels of precision and consistency lend laser cutters to very intricate and delicate engraving that matches and even exceeds the results of the most highly trained artists and engravers.

Laser cutters are exceptional for projects involving detailed lettering, custom designs and patterns, and even artwork and images. From hobby projects, gifts for family or loved ones, to professional artwork, framing, retail products or custom marketing materials and much more, laser cutting can decrease the amount of time and labor required for special projects while providing the best results possible.

Engraving wood with a laser cutter takes special skills and experience. Every type of wood from softwoods like cedar, pine or spruce all the way to hardwoods like ash, cherry, maple or oak require a special treatment and laser adjustments to achieve optimal results. Since laser cutting can often leave a burning effect behind, we calibrate and adjust our lasers to the exact specifications necessary to achieve the results that our customers are looking for.

Wood engraving is also typically used in printmaking where ink is applied to the engraved piece of wood and then applied to paper or some other material. Laser cutting has recently seen a large increase in use for this case due to it’s accuracy, and savings in both time and money. If you’re interested in using laser cutting services for wood engraving contact us here at NOLA Laser Cut and we can offer you the best turnaround times, prices and professional results available.