Laser Cutting Paper

Varieties of Paper in Laser Cutting

Paper is an ideal medium for laser cutting. From cardstock and cardboard, to construction paper, printer paper and even photo paper, we’re able to work with all kinds of papers. Laser cutting is great for any type of paper no matter the thicknesses or color. Bring your own paper in to our lab or request that we source the materials – we’re happy to take either approach. Check out the Paper Mill Store to select your ideal material and you can have it shipped to our office for a quick turn around.

Our laser works with details on the scale of 1/100th of an inch. You can be sure that when we are laser cutting paper we can deliver the highest level of detail and reliability.

Applications for Laser Cutting Paper

There are a huge amount of applications for laser cutting paper. From custom design work, wedding/party invitations and supplies, to marketing materials, stencils, commercial and custom fine art applications, and more. Laser cutting paper can offer some interesting and unique results. We’re able to finely calibrate our lasers for all types of papers for both laser cutting and laser etching. Depending on the application of your project, we can suggest papers that have various properties when laser etched. Laser etching paper can also have the interesting result of adding rich textures to your paper project.

Notes on Laser Cutting Paper

Important to note is that some papers can also show signs of scorching during the laser cutting/etching process that, depending on the aim of your project, can add an interesting individuality to each piece that it laser cut. If you want something more consistent/repeatable we can work with you to find the ideal paper or alternative material for your project.

Here at NOLALaserCut we have a wide range of experience laser cutting paper. We’ve worked with just about every type of paper you can imagine through a wide range of projects, large and small. Whether

We offer the lowest prices and fastest turnaround times in the NOLA area. We also ship internationally. If you have a project you think we can help with, please reach out to tell us a little bit about what you’d like to do and we can arrange a free consultation and pricing quote.