Laser Cutting Plastic

When laser cutting plastic the possibilities are endless. There is a whole variety of colors available; opaque, translucent, with different light transmission properties, resistances, etc. Always with a professional smooth finishing that is very attractive to the eye.

Plastic is usually cut by laser to create mechanical pieces for small working prototypes as well as the parts themselves that will be assembled to create the product. Compared to wood plastic is more homogeneous and therefore more reliable when it’s subject to mechanical forces.

It can also be great for decorative purposes, since the range of plastics available in the market is huge; from custom made jewelry to corporate signs there is always a kind of plastic that will bring your idea to life.

The laser will not burn the edges of most plastics, so there will be no burns, or even traces that the plastic has been laser cut. The finishing of cut plastic is 100% professional.

Laser Etching and Engraving Plastic

Engraving plastic is similar to engraving glass, the main difference being that with plastic you can control the depth of the engraved area. Engraving plastic can be used to create signs that will not be mounted to a solid surface such as key chains or trophies. Because of the light transmission properties of some plastics engraving can also be a great way of creating what are called “self-illuminated” surfaces for signs or billboards.

The area engraved by the laser will have a rough touch and a lighter color than the original.

Laser Cutting Plastic Materials

The most common plastics used in laser cutting are generally acrylics or plexiglass (same thing really and these terms are often used interchangeably). Acrylic comes in a wide array of sizes, thicknesses and colors and can work with you to find the right plastic material for you laser cutting project.

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