Laser Cut Leather

Fabrics, cloth and leather are great candidates for laser cutting. Laser cut leather allows a very high level of detail and intricacy to be reproduced via digital design files down to the 1000th of an inch and with very high reliability.

Custom clothing, accessories, marketing materials and more are great candidates for custom laser cutting services with leather. Leather can be cut or etched/engraved by laser. Cuts can allow for custom sizes and shapes of leather pieces, while etching/engraving allows us to add texture, patterning, typography and even images directly into a piece of leather for a completely customized product or look.

Keep in mind that, since the laser is actually burning leather with a very high level of accuracy, this will affect the look of your final product. When laser cut, the edges of leather can have a brown to blackish coloration depending on the type and thickness of the leather being cut. Etching and engraving leather will usually offer the same brown/blackish coloration to contrast with the original color of the leather.

If you are looking for custom laser cutting services on a piece, or many pieces, or leather let us know! NOLALaserCut has experience with leather and lots of other materials and can work with you to find the best option for you project.