Laser Cutting Rubber

Laser cutting rubber – soft and warm and still accurate, the broad variety of rubbers will give your product the level of comfort and professional look that you were looking for and couldn’t find with other materials.

Laser Cutting Rubber

Rubber can easily cut by laser. Rubber is a very adequate material to create key chains, coasters and any kind of toy among many other options.

The family of materials called rubbers includes a large variety of components with different characteristics, some harder, some softer, some more flexible than others, etc. Depending on the specific kind of rubber that is being cut the edges might come out sharp or rounded by the heat generated during the process. Rubber is a very versatile material and may be just the right material for your project. Here at we have experience using all kinds of rubbers and can help point you in the right direction to find the best material possible for your project.

Laser Etching and Engraving Rubber

Rubber can be perfectly engraved by laser. This can be used to engrave messages in rubber bracelets or rubber watch bands as well as for creating custom ink stamps that are not limited in shape or typographies. Custom stamps are a very common request and can help pick the right design and typeface for your project.

The engraved surface will always have a rough finish and a slightly lighter color.