Get More Information on your Project

We work with clients of all types. Laser cutting and CNC cutting projects can be labor intensive and take some specialized knowledge. If you’re not sure exactly how to begin, we may be able to help. You can create your own laser cutting file by visiting our tutorials section and submitting your laser-ready file to us.

If you need a bit more guidance on the process or are looking for a basic idea of cost, then you are in the right place. You can tell us a bit about your project below and we’ll get back to as soon as we can with more information on your project.

Submitting Files(s)

Ideally we like vector files: .AI .DXF v2004 .CDR or .SVG. We can also take regular image files such as .jpg, .png. etc if you’d like to simply give us an idea of what you’re trying to build.

Project Application

Give us a short description of what you’re making. Is this a piece of art? A prototype? Something with a specific use case such as a gift or tool? This will help us choose the best material for you and accurately estimate the cost of your project.

Materials and Thicknesses

What materials / thicknesses you would like to use for your project? Do you have your own or would you like us to source it for you? If you have an item that you would like to have engraved, let us know what the dimensions are (LxHxW) and what the material is.

Quantity Needed

How many pieces would you like to make? We’re able to offer discounts for larger projects, so the more you order, generally the less the cost will be per item. We can do any number from a single item to the thousands.

Contact Information

Let us know your name, email and phone number so that we can get into contact with you to help make your project a reality.

Delivery or Pick-up

If you’re New York City based, you can come directly to us! We’re located in Bushwick, Brooklyn and love having clients in to show off the space and talk about projects. If not, let us know your full delivery address.

Required Deadline

When do you need your project by? We generally offer a 5 business day turnaround depending on the size of the project but we are also able to accommodate rush delivery on certain projects and can have them turned around within 24 hours.